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Tammi is our latest sexy slim freak with a deep pussy that loves getting fucked and having her ass spanked. Batista wore her out, literally and shot a huge fucking load of cum in her mouth she wasnt ready for. This woman has a smoking hot body and when you see her riding his 10 inch's you will surely be in aw.

bambi & Golden

Bambi & Golden are 2 thick big butt freaks that love getting fucked, eating pussy and swallowing cum. Rico takes turns fucking both of them while they eat each other out and they finish him off swallowing a huge load of cum!

Honey Brown

Honey Brown is a sexy brown sugar freak we met looking to do her first ever video. She has a huge clit with a juicy set of pussy lips. She hooks up with Rico and he gave this 21 year old 9 inch's of big black dick. She enjoyed every second of it and you will see more of her coming soon to


Bambi is a short thick freak with major league skills, she is submissive, loves to get fucked hard and treated like a slut, anal and she swallows big loads of cum without blinking. IN this video she does all that and then some, Rico spreads her thick juicy ass and bangs her brains out before making her swallow all of his cum.

cream & Tish

2 2 thick redbone loves in some freaky girl on girl action, neither of these girls were a stranger to eating pussy. Once they hooked up they took turns swallowing each others cum and clit's.


Karma Hurts is a thick big but girl with juicy lips and plump ass. She's a local girl that loves to suck dick, swallow cum and get fucked in the ass. Batista gives her what she wants all though she wasn't ready for 9 inches of dick.

Carmella & Lala

Lala is a sexy 6-0 amazon that finally got her first taste of some sweet black pussy. Lala and Carmella our old school friends and that haven't seen each other in a while. Carmella sits down with a short skirt on and no panties and Lala waste no time going after Carmellas fat juicy pussy.

Ms Stormy

Do you like freaky black milfs that love sucking dick and getting fucked without mercy? Well Ms Stormy is the lady for you, she is as absolute freak and loves getting fucked by a big dick and giving sloppy wet blow jobs.


Carmella is a 6-0 tall amazon with a big ass and a phat pussy, she shows up and got her pussy sucked and fucked by Supreme. When he saw how tall she was and her silky brown sugar legs he spread her big ass and started licking her pussy getting her nice and wet so he could fuck her brains out.


Vanity was in raw form this time around, she wanted to do a face sitting scene and she fucking destroyed this guy and bruised his ego. She set on his face and face fucked him until he damn near suffocated, hell she even starting choking him at one point. She cussed the guy out so bad at one point he wanted to quit, she made him lay on his back so she could sit on his face some more and dismissed him.


Sean is a freaky teen from the west side of Chicago with a nice slim body. This shoot was really more of a tease because had to end it early, her goofy ass boy friend kept blowing up her phone. It was funny because while she was sucking Rico's dick her man was acting like a complete bitch on the phone but she will be back in a couple of months to finish up.


Cream is a sexy red bone Diva with a big juicy ass & 38 DD's. She has a pretty shaved pussy and loves sucking big dicks and getting fucked hard. Rico wasted no time as soon as she walked through the door he started pulling out her tits and smacking her on the ass until she got on her knees. She starts off licking his balls and sucking his dick until he walks her over to the bed and starts fucking her brains, hot video!


The redbone goddess herself is back and we absolutely love this woman. She's 5-10, 225 with big legs and a big juicy ass. Rumpalcious stars off shaking her big ass and dancing for Rico. After that play time is over & she starts gagging on his 9 inch's before he mounts her and starts fucking her brains out. He finishes her off spraying her with a big load of cum all over her pretty face and lips.

sexy hips

Sexy hips is a thick young chick we met on the south side of Chicago, she has a 54 inch ass with a tiny waist and all ways down for some fun. IN this video she got fucked raw in her mouth, ass and pussy with no condom. Sexy Hips is the type of girl that can literally fuck all day and night, we took turns all day night fucking her juicy tight pussy.


Asia is a freaky big butt red bone that knows how to suck a dick. She will lick your balls, toss your salad and swallow a huge load of cum. She takes on Mandingo and rides him his dick begging for more, this woman is a work horse and was asking him for more dick after we finished shooting.


Since so many people loved Mone and her big ass, we decided to bring you another very similar model called Mia. Mia is an amazon, she's 6-0 and 220 pounds with a big sexy brown sugar ass. She handled Batista and one of our new guys with no problem, she is a bad girl with a serious sexual appetite for dick.


Do you like big butts? This milf is a cross between a thick girl and a bbw but her waist is tiny compared to the sized of her ass. She has a 70 inch ass and a 32 inch waist and is a complete freak. She didn't care about the shoot as long as her face wasn't shown and neither did we. She sucks a mean dick, licks balls even sucked our guys ass hole. Nice up close shots of her ass getting fucked by a nine inch dick. This is raw footage at its best and our guy fucked the shit our of her, he fucked her so good she squirted all over the place.

butter fly

This big booty red bone stopped by for a shoot and got more dick then she expected. Butter Fly is a sexy girl with amazing head skills and a juicy shaved pussy. Batista's dick kept growing as she sucked his shaft and she stated she wasn't sure if she could handle it all. She took all 10 inches in her mouth and pussy until he sprays her with cum.


Cinnamon is a slim and busty girl that loves rough sex, spankings, domination and much more. You always get the girls that say their into domination but their really not, well this girl means it and the video shows it. She gets fucked hard along with her ass spread wide open with lots of hard hard spankings. Watch her get her tits fucked and so much more in the members area.

lady ramos

All we have to say is this sexy 20 year old will blow your fucking mind, she is stunning in every fucking way and will have you jerking off for hours. The video is over 30 minutes of fucking, sucking a big black dick followed with a massive load of cum all over her. You will see more videos of her for sure.


Red is big booty amazon girl we met with long legs and a huge desire for cum. WE didn't think she was going to shoot at first but she just showed up one day ready to work. She gets her big ass pounded by a big dick and was looking for more, she loves riding a big dick and swallowed all of Rico's cum.


Vanity is a sexy young teen we recently shot that has looks to die for and an extremely fat, juicy pussy. The shoot starts off hot with a wet sloppy blow job, she sucks his balls and tongues his ass hole. It took her a minute to handle Rico's dick size but once she got comfortable she bounced on his dick with pure pleasure. She rides him for almost 20 minutes and then gets sprayed by a huge load of cum.


Vixen is a sexy married postal worker that stays next door to our new guy. She has always been flirting with him, coming out side in skimpy out fits when he's doing the lawn, you get the picture. So one day she actually stops him and informs him she can suck his dick better then any of the chicks she see's him with. He invited Vixen over on her off day and the rest is history, she took 9 inches deep in her shaved butter pecan pussy and a massive load of jizz in her mouth and chest.

black diamond

Black is a big booty girl we came across on the south east side of Chicago, when she walked by us the first thing we noticed was how big her ass was yet she had a small waist. WE talked her into doing a shoot and you would not believe how much of a freak she is. She took 9 inches of dick in every hole she has and 3 massive loads of cum all over her face and mouth. We fucked her hard, she took 2 dicks for over an hour!


We met this freak at a bachelor party here in Chicago, she was really sweating one of our new guys so we decided to bring her in on a casting couch call. She stops by and gives him a wet and sloppy blow job, next he slides his 9 inches deep inside her until she starts screaming. They end the shoot with her swallowing his load, you will see more of her very soon.


Tanisha is a big booty ghetto girl we met at a bar on the south side of Chicago called reds. WE struck up a conversation and she was actually pretty cool and very much a freak. We asked her if she every thought about doing a video and she said she didn't mind as long as she could wear a mask:) After we heard those words the party was on, we fucked this woman all night, she takes it in the ass, toss's Rico's asshole, and she happens to be into rough play. We spanked her tits and ass so hard they were bright red.

honey brown

Honey brown is a brown sugar honey we came across at a health club, she's always walking around half naked showing off her assets so we approached her. It turns out she's a stripper and was up for doing a shoot. She's an absolute freak, has a damn good head game and a pussy that's deep and sweet. She took both of us fucking her all afternoon, we wrapped things up by shooting our loads all over her face, very nice pics and close up video action in the members area.

black sub

This video is not for the weak at heart, seriously. We call this model Black Sub, she's submissive and loves being dominated. The video is truly hardcore with lots of foul language, bondage and domination. Black Sub gets her ass spanked, fucked in her ass and pussy and finish's off Rico by swallowing every drop of his cum on command. This is a hot fucking video and very explicit!


One of our new guys met this sweet, innocent pregnant redbone in line at Chase bank. They struck up a conversation and within a few days she was ready for a shoot. Some guys don't like pregnant chicks but we do, this sexy redbone's pussy was absolutely wonderful, tight and juicy. Her and our new guy (Mike) were so into the scene they fucked all afternoon, even her soon to be baby's daddy was blowing up her phone trying to figure out where she was, hot fucking video!


We want to wish everyone a Happy Fucking New Year, were gonna start this new year off right with a sexy young freak we met. She's not the typical stripper type, actually has a good head on her shoulder so we were gentle with her. Shey has a big ass and a deep pussy, she starts off giving Batista some head on the bed later we flipped her all over the bed pounding are dicks in and out of her pussy, after wards we shot our loads all over her stomach.


Addiction is a sexy, 6-0, Dark Chocolate beauty we came across a while back. This girl has a body to kill for and her skills in the bedroom are exceptional. Rico and Addiction have one of the hottest scenes we've shot in a while, once these 2 got together there was no stopping them. She rode Rico like a cow girl for over 30 minutes, she literally did not want to get off of him. They fucked for so long we had to cut out a lot of footage and were still almost at a 50 minute movie.

ms golden & jada red

Golden is a naturally bi girl that loves to eat pussy, this was Jada's first time with a girl so she was a litle shy to start. Once these 2 got their tounges on eachs other clits they sucked each others pussy all day, they even took a shower together.


Were back in action but were back with a sexy redbone called Nuvo. This 19 year old stallion was a pleasuree to work with for many reasons, she's sexy, great oral skills and good pussy. Once Rico and her started they didnt want to finish, he fucked this girl non stop for about 8 hours. Nuvo liked Rico so much she even swallows a big gulp of his cum and keeps on sucking.

tamara, rico & ebony

This shoot will blow your mind, Rico got Tamara & China to do a threesome and it was hot from beginning to end. The girls start off sucking Rico's dick for a while then he has Tamara suck China's pussy while he fucks her hard from behind, he makes them change positions and fucks China until she cant take it. Afterwards he made them both 69 while he took turns fucking both of them until he shot his load all over Tamara.

ms chocolate

We actually this sexy piece of dark chocolate in NY, she was slim and quiet but our experience tells us quite girls are always the closet freaks. Once she got comfortable she started sucking Rico off and then me. We both enjoyed her and fucked her every way possible for a few hours and shot loads of cum all over her. Once we finished up we all went down to the hotel bar and had some drinks.

sex appeal

Sex Appeal is the HOTTEST girl we've shot for this site in years hands down our top model for 2010. This sexy piece of brown sugar's pussy felt like the fountain of youth. Her body was flawless and hear head skills were extraordinary. She was so tight it will took Rico about 15 minutes just to get inside her but once he was these 2 went at it for hours.


Chyna is a local area hood rat that's a complete freak and always up for fun, doesn't matter what or where it is. We went out to meet her and another model, as were in the car talking she actually started sucking Batistas dick in the back seat while were interviewing her girl friend. We decided to take Chyna and her girl out for some fun. In this first scene we tagged team Chyna and fucked her brains out until she tapped out and gave up.

tamara & keisha

Its been a while since we had some hot and freaky girl on girl action so your going to like this for sure. Tamara is a model we shot a couple of years ago but lost touch with, we always wanted to shoot her in a video and finally have her. Tamara is front page material and is sexy as they come, China begged us to let her eat Tamara's pussy so we set it up. These two couldnt keep their hands off each other and they fucked and sucked each other until we put the camera down.

dyme piece

The big booty redbone Dyme Piece is back for another workout. WE haven't seen her in some years but she still looks good and still has a tongue that can stretch to her chin. WE didn't waste any time with Dyme we just fucked that big bubble ass for hours, her head skills are still top notch and she loves to suck a big dick.


This is a weird but true story, Casey lives down the hall with her husband. She's always been crazy about Rico and the 2 of them have been fucking like teenagers since they met. He actually convinced her to do a shoot for us and this is the end result. Casey has mega ass ( 58 inches ) but a small waist and is a complete freak. Rico fucked her in the ass, mouth, pussy and then shot his cum down her throat and she loved every minute of it.


Juicy is a sexy redbone we met at a strip club in Chicago. She was extremely quiet and shy but once Rico got her alone he found out how big of a freak she really is. They ended up getting a room that night, he called me once the action started to bring the equipment. I showed up and she was butt naked after a couple of glass's of wine ready to fuck both of us. Her head skills were nothing to brag about but she has a huge ass and a tight juicy pussy.


This sexy little 19 year old stopped by for an interview & she's definitey a looker. The only complaint we have about her is that shes to damn quiet. She got broke off really good from Rico, sucked his dicked & got fucked hard doggie style. She wasn't use to guys with big dicks because she was pushing Rico back every change she got.

angel kiss's

Coco has some of the biggest fucking tits we've had the joy of playing with in a while. For her first shoot we had her give us both hand jobs, then she took turns sucking us both off. Rico shot a load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop and was ready for more. Afterwards Batista lays her on the floor, spreads baby oil all off those big fucking tits and titty fucks her. He finish's up with shooting his load all of her head, mouth and face.


Before we get started with our story take a look at the sexy lips on this girl ( DAMN )!! Angel is a sexy teen from Ohio that was a bit shy and nervous in the beginning but once we got started she really warmed up. Feeling this girls juicy lips on our dicks was like hitting the lottery. Rico gave her a workout and she was up for the challenge, she rode for so long she didn't want get up.

jada red

ada Red is 40DD redbone that actually came back for more. Batista has a fetish for redbones so when she walked in and showed off her double D's his mouth hit the floor. Jada didn't waste any time she yanked his jeans off and started sucking his balls, from there she took his dick in her mouth. Batista couldn't take it and actually shot a load in her mouth, she swallowed and kept sucking, after that she took his meat in her mouth and pussy for 2 hours before we ran out of tape.


Batista met this chocolate beauty at a local club in down town Chicago, after a few drinks she opened up and told him how she use to be a stripper, etc. Next thing I knew he asked her if she would be interested in doing a shoot and she replied when and where. He actually took her back to the loft that night for a quickie. Lucious is tall and slender but what sets her a part from our other models is she has a fat pussy with extra large pussy lips.


One of the hottest girls weve had the pleasure of working with. She came in with this baggy sweat shirt, jeans & some timberlands. Our first thought was our you fucking kididng me she looks like a hot mess. She went in the bathroom to change and when she came out we were in complete shock. Cream is not only sexy as hell but her oral skills are so good that when she gives you head you have to stop her after 10 minutes.
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